Weaving Dreams & Cultivating Creativity

Fiber Works MPLS exists to connect individuals with the rich tapestry of textile and fiber arts. In the heart of Northeast Minneapolis, we're building a community that cherishes handwork, values lifelong learning, and celebrates the boundless creativity within each of us. From hands-on workshops to youth programs, we empower enthusiasts, artists, and dreamers to craft their unique stories through textiles.

Our story

About Fiber Works MPLS

Fiber Works MPLS is the realization of Janet and Sarah’s vision of creating a common space for fiber arts enthusiasts. With a focus on engaging communities in various aspects of textile and fiber arts, we are a textile organization based in Northeast Minneapolis. Our goal is to not only provide a space for individuals to work on their projects, but also to inspire and energize the community by introducing the joys of working with textiles.

We believe that creating something with your own hands has a therapeutic effect, allowing people to connect with their emotions and passions. By participating in activities related to fiber arts, people can deepen their commitment to their community and connect with others who share similar interests. Additionally, we hope to offer workshops and classes that will help individuals develop new skills and techniques related to fiber arts.

With our passion for textiles and our desire to bring people together, we aim to create a vibrant and inclusive community of fiber arts enthusiasts in Northeast Minneapolis.


Janet Lewis

Janet Lewis loves teaching sewing to children and has taught summer camps in St. Paul and Chicago for three years. She has over 11 years of experience working with Macy’s 8th Floor Christmas and Spring Flower Shows that has shown her skills and professionalism. Janet also sewed costumes for the Houston Ballet Company, working with children and young adults. She helps both large and small companies meet their performance deadlines by working with the prop and costume teams. Janet runs her own business, Neighbor Lady Creations, where she sells aprons made from vintage patterns at local gift shops and the No Coast Craft-O-Rama. She wants to open a community-based Fiber Arts center where she can teach sewing and engage with the local sewing community.


Sarah Beggs

Sarah Beggs is an experienced coordinator who worked for over seven years with children at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market. She created a hands-on curriculum for the kids to learn about agriculture. At the Children's Tent, neighborhood kids had fun with finger knitting, spinning, and hand sewing, while learning about community and agriculture.

Her knitting skills developed by way of training under one of the most creative, innovative teachers in the Upper Midwest, Susan Sari (Sisu Designs) of Ely, MN. She was VP and Treasurer of the Minnesota Knitters Guild and is now enrolled in The Master Hand Knitting Program through The Knitting Guild Association. Sarah holds a BA from Hampshire College and co-owns Roadrunner Records in south Minneapolis.