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School Release Days 2019/2020

A great way for kids to enjoy their days off of school!  For each day we offer a new sewing project to complete.  The students learn basic sewing skills and have the opportunity to let their creativity flow. We have many fun and beautiful projects to introduce. 

Open to kids ages 8-17 



Oct. 16th (FULL), 17th (FULL), 18th (FULL)

Jan. 2nd (FULL), 3rd (FULL), Jan. 17th, 20th

Feb. 17th, 18th


Spring Break 2020

Enhance your child's spring break with this inspired, 3-day workshop! There will be multiple projects, fun ones with some new twists to enhance the sewing skills.  Before the workshop week is over there will be plenty of time for free sewing.  So bring your creative spirit!

Open to kids ages 8-17 


March 9th - 13th (Yinghua Spring Break) Full

$275 for all 5 days or $75/day

April 3rd, 4th, 5th (MPS Spring Break)

$190 for all 3 days or $75/day

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