Scheduled Workshops

All workshops end MAY14th!


Knitting from Scratch

Level: beginner

Cost: $125 (2 hours per session/4 sessions) or $35 (2 hours for single sessions)

When: by appointment

Transition from observer to creator. This workshop is designed for people who have no previous knitting experience and for those wanting to begin again.  Come as you are and we will bring to life your creative hands! We will begin with the fundamental building blocks of knitting. We will master at least 2 stitches, cast on, cast off, learn how to increase and decrease, read patterns and symbols.

Several sessions are recommended. 

One-time materials fee: $10 for yarn and needles payable at first session

Workshops will resume September after summer camps are done


Level: beginner

Cost: $20

When: Schedule a 1 hour session that works for you by clicking "Enroll"

Have you been wanting to learn how to use your beautiful sewing machine since it came into your life but you’re not sure how to begin? Or has it been so long that you’ve forgotten how all the bells and whistles work? We can help! Come to the studio with your machine (and manual if you have it) for an hour and we’ll get you on your way to sewing. The Time Is NOW!

Make do and Mend.jpg

Make Do and Mend

Cost: $35 (2 hours)

When: Select a time that works for you by clicking "Enroll"

We offer frugal ideas and guidance for 21st century families looking to get more out of their favorite garments. 


Originally, Make Do and Mend was a pamphlet issued by the British Ministry of Information in the midst of WWII. It was intended to provide housewives with useful tips on how to be both frugal and stylish in times of harsh rationing. With its thrifty design ideas and advice on reusing old clothing, the pamphlet was an indispensable guide for households. Readers were advised to create pretty ‘decorative patches’ to cover holes in warn garments, unpick old jumpers (sweaters) to re-knit chic alternatives, turn men’s clothes into women’s, as well as darn, alter and protect against the ‘moth menace.'


Let us show you some of our favorite tips and tricks to revitalize your wardrobe  This class will cover:

  • Mending a hole

  • Sewing a button

  • Heming pants or dress

  • Taking in or letting out a garment


Please bring one or two garments you’d like to adjust or repair.