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New Group Sewing Workshops 

We are excited to offer a these new opportunities.  Please note:  some of these workshops are best suited for those with a basic understanding of machine sewing.


Community Threads

First Timers.jpg

Level:  mixed

Cost: $60 (2.5 hours)

When: October

First Timers - beginning sewing 

Wed. 10/11        11am - 1:30pm 

Sat. 10/28         3pm - 5:30pm

Come! Bring a friend and see how much fun it is to sew.  This workshop focuses on the the fundamentals of sewing.  You will learn many of the basics through working a small project. 

No experience needed.

Tabbed Zipper Pouch - experienced beginner

Sat. 10/14           3pm - 5:30pm

This is an excellent next step when your are comfortable with the sewing machine and the basics of cutting, pinning, and sewing.  A small zipper pouch can hold so many things!




Farmers Market Bag - beginning sewing

Wed. 10/18        7pm - 9:30pm

This is such a cleaver bag and perfectly suites the Farmers Market shopper.  For the full sized bag it does require fabric at least 72" long and 24" wide.  An old table cloth is the perfect fabric for this project.  Bring your own favorite cloth or select from the repurposed fabric in our studio.

No experience needed.


Tabbed Zipper Pouch.jpg

First Timers - beginning sewing

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