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Workshops by Appointment
Sewing and Knitting

All of these workshops are semi private., one to two people.   If 3 or more would like to book together, contact us and we will arrange it.


Level: beginner

Cost: $25 (1 hour)

When: Schedule a 1 hour session that works for you.

Have you been wanting to learn how to use your beautiful sewing machine since it came into your life but you’re not sure how to begin? Or has it been so long that you’ve forgotten how all the bells and whistles work? We can help! Come to the studio for an hour.  Bring your machine (and manual if you have it) and we’ll get you on your way to sewing. The Time Is NOW!

SMF Adult_edited.jpg

Sew Much Fun (First-Timer Sewing)

Level: Beginner


Cost: $45  (2 hours)


When: Schedule a session that works for you

Have fun learning how to sew!  Learn about your machine, discover different stitches, how to read and cut out patterns.  We will cover the fundamentals such as preparing fabric, pinning, cutting, pattern reading, and seam allowance.  Students will complete a small project.


Knitting from Scratch

Level: beginner

Cost: $45 (2 hours for single sessions) or $140 (2 hours per session/4 sessions)

When: by appointment

Transition from observer to creator. This workshop is designed for people who have no previous knitting experience and for those wanting to begin again.  Come as you are and we will bring to life your creative hands! We will begin with the fundamental building blocks of knitting. We will master at least 2 stitches, cast on, cast off, learn how to increase and decrease, read patterns and symbols.

Several sessions are recommended. 

Hand Stitches.jpg

Slow Stitch: Hand Sewing Basics

Level: Beginner

Cost: $45 (2 hours)

When: Schedule a session that works for you


It all begins with a single stitch.  And long before there were machines to assist, our hands did all the work!  The workshop covers the most valuable and most basic techniques of sewing.  Students will learn 5 to 6 fundamental stitches, how to securely sew on a button and snap, seams and edge finishing, various decorative stitches, and what are the best tools for the job.

With these basic skills you will be free to sew and mend anywhere life takes you!


Sew Much More! Pattern Sewing

Level: Beginner Plus - basic sewing skills and machine knowledge


Cost: $45 (2 hours per session)


When: Schedule a session that works for you

We learn so much just by "doing".  This workshop is designed to guide you through all the steps and instructions of a written pattern.   You may already have a pattern you want to make or you may be looking for ideas of where to start.  We can help.   Instruction is  geared towards students who know their way around the sewing machine and the basics (preparing fabric, pinning, cutting, seam allowance).  

Bring with you, your washed fabric, thread, and your complete pattern.  We have machines for you to use if you do not wish to carry in yours.

Please Note:  Most patterns take more than 2 hours to work through to completion.  One session will certainly get you on your way.  You may wish to sign up for additional time as needed. 


Level: all levels

Cost: $20 first 1/2  hour, $10 every half hour there after payable at time of service

When: Schedule a time that works for you.

Too often we toss our high hopes into a closet when we get stuck.  If you're stumped by instructions or the project is not coming together as it should let us help you through it. 




Level: all


Cost: $45  (2 hours)

When: Schedule a time that works for you.


How do we achieve sustainability?  Where does one person even start to make a difference?  With this new class we aim to teach students how to begin to make their own wardrobe a sustainable one. Students will bring in garments they no longer wear or do not like the way it fits and together we will come up with creative ways to up-scale, revamp, repurpose it.  Let’s all work to keep clothes out of the land- fill! 


Beginning to Spin

Level: Beginner

Cost: $45


When: 2-hour sessions by appointment 

Want to try your hand at spinning your own yarn? Do you have a wheel that is begging to be used? Do you just have the urge to feel the sheep's fleece glide through your fingers and magically turn into yarn?  We are here to help with this crash course!

We have a wheel for you to learn on or bring your own. Let's get started! 

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