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The Northeast Community Fiber Swap

October 7th  9am - 2pm               Lowry and 6th Street NE

in the GOOD CARMA parking lot
It's FREE!

The Details:

-on the morning of the event you may bring your organized cast-offs and leftover fabric and yarn

-extra tables will be set up for incoming goods

-notions and patterns and machines also accepted

-browse the other tables of goods for something you just can't leave behind!


** please, no bags full of scraps.  We are trying to find the best way to repurpose scraps for people but today is not that day.

All are welcome here.  The event is free and contributions are not required in order to participate.  Our main goal is to keep Northeast creating!


Come one come all - give, take, share

because what goes around comes around.

Join us! 

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