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About Fiber Works MPLS

Fiber Works MPLS is the culmination of Janet and Sarah’s long-time ambition to start a fiber arts common space. We are a textile organization located in Northeast Minneapolis. We are focused on engaging our communities in multiple aspects of textile and fiber arts. We seek to energize and inspire residents and neighbors to experience the satisfaction which comes through working with textiles. This kind of hand work connects people physically with their emotions and passions and deepens their commitment to their community.



Janet Lewis is passionate about teaching and sharing her love of sewing with young children. She has taught summer camps for kids in St Paul and Chicago over the last three years.


Janet’s eleven years of work with Macy’s 8th Floor Christmas and Spring Flower Shows displayed to the public her skills and professional excellence. Additionally, her work sewing costumes for the Houston Ballet Company offered a unique opportunity working with children and young adults. She continues to help both large institutions and small companies alike meet their performance deadlines working with both the prop and costume teams.


Janet maintains her own side business, Neighbor Lady Creations, featuring aprons from vintage patterns which she sells at local gift shops and the No Coast Craft-O-Rama. Opening a community based Fiber Arts center where she can both teach sewing and engage with the local sewing community is the natural evolution of her passion.


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Sarah Beggs is a skilled coordinator and creator. In her work with the neighborhood children over seven years at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market, she organized a curriculum where each week the children explored the many aspects of agriculture through interactive projects and participatory events.

Sarah believes that hands-on-learning for young children is the best way to engage their minds and learn new skills.  Running the Children’s Tent allowed for just this kind of exploration. The neighborhood kids gained insight and understanding of community and agriculture though these fun activities including finger knitting, spinning, and hand sewing,.

A lifelong hand knitter, Sarah served as VP and then Treasurer of the Minnesota Knitters Guild for three years. Her knitting skills developed by way of training under one of the most creative, innovative teachers in the Upper Midwest, Susan Sari (Sisu Designs) of Ely, MN.  

Currently, Sarah is working on The Master Hand Knitting Program through The Knitting Guild Association. Sarah holds a BA from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA and is a co-owner of Roadrunner Records in south Minneapolis.

Fiber Works MPLS Studio Location

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158 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN  55413

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